Everyone Should Be Corrupt



The thing I love about not being in the West

Anyone can play the game, from the rich or the poor. You have the right connections, or the money, you can make things happen. Everyone can join in the corruption. It’s fair at least. In the West, you just bend over and take it. That’s what we’re kinda seeing right now.

Get in your homes.

Stay in your homes.

Take this $1,200 check and like it.

And we don’t even know what the “catch” is yet.

I would bet that the IRS will introduce some stupidly complex form next year on our 2021 tax returns to deal with this stimulus check. Accountants will probably charge $200 to do it. That, plus inflation, plus any claw-back taxes on the $1,200 itself…we’ll probably actually only get $500 out of it. Maybe not even that much.

What can you do though?


I’ve always said I would hold onto my American citizenship until I had children. After all, how could I take that opportunity away from them?

But the more and more I think about this, and watch this unfold…

I might not.

I’ve never wanted to “opt-out” of the system more than I do right now. As you saw in my email on Monday, I’m just completely, totally disgusted by our entire system. I can leave it easier and sooner than most. Perhaps I will…

I do think that most people, especially the smart ones on my email list, will be looking towards some Plan B options as far as citizenship goes in the coming years.

The anger people have towards the government right now is not one I’ve really seen before…

Sure, everyone is always fake-outraging over Trump, but now that it’s real livelihoods, businesses, etc. at stake…you can sort of feel the tension in the air. Sounds a bit loony to say, I know, but I do think it’s real.


Inside my members-only group, we’ve been navigating our way through this for quite some time.

To join us, head to the link below:


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