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I personally, still can’t believe people are convinced that eating $5 boxes of processed sugar (cereal) is somehow REALLY REALLY HEALTHY FOR YOU.

Yet these same people think eating 200g of ground beef with real olive oil and butter every day is SUPER UNHEALTHY.

Or eggs, don’t get me started about how one of nature’s superfoods is somehow the most villainous, heart-attack-causing things out there because “CHOLESTEROL!!!”

People are sheep, they believe whatever the TV tells them.

Bahh, good sheep — bahhhhh.

It’s ridiculous.

Meanwhile, super foods like good ‘ol eggs, butter, and olive oil are given a bad rep.


I’m glad you asked.

Simply put, because these natural foods have diminishing returns on how they can be manufactured for pure, greedy profit. The green stuff.


I worked at the movie theater when I was 16 years old. A large popcorn at the time was about $8. Guess how much dollar value of popcorn was in that large bucket? About 3 cents worth. And the bucket was another 7 cents. So 10 cents of food and goods, sold at $8.

That was when it hit me:

Cereal is pretty much the exact same thing.

Doesn’t cost much to manufacture a box of Special K. Probably about the same as that bucket of popcorn, probably less. And sure, there’s crazy overhead and manufacturing plants aren’t cheap…but there’s a reason you don’t see cereal being out of stock in the store. On the other hand, meat, eggs, and the real foods are going to be gone. In California, there’s a limit of 3 meat products per shopping cart…

You won’t see that with cereal, because they’ll just fire up the printing press, just like the money machine goes brrrrrrr….


My olive oil company, Selo Olive, is nearly ready to ship our second batch of products.

We anticipate it going out in the next week, and we’ve got a ton of pre-orders, plus many pallets going to grocers.

When this is gone, we’re not sure when Batch #03 will get to us, given all the lgoistics hassles in the world right now.

So, best hustle over if you want to stock up.

Learn more about us here:

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Eggs & ground beef & olive oil & food made in a box

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