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Have you drained your backyard swamp?

When Donald Trump originally started playing politics, he used the phrase “draining the swamp” to talk about how he was going to rid Washington DC of all the corrupt politicians.

But, I think there’s been a draining going on for at least a decade with the general population.

Simply put, people are leaving the USA more and more often in search of better lands.

The best and brightest?

A lot of them already left. 

Packed their bags and bought a one way plane ticket.

And you know what?

These types of people, many of whom I’ve met over the years, really are some of the best and strongest of society. The brightest, the most innovative, the most fearless. 

And you know what else?

Those type of people just don’t get replaced overnight.

In fact, it might take decades to replace them.

Even worse, we’ve seen a huge mass migration out of the United States, and it won’t be the people who receive welfare and handouts that are leaving. It’ll be the people who contribute to society in a way that those benefits can be afforded. All of the most productive members of society.


Will they come back?

Time will tell, but often times successful people make it to a new land and make a success of themselves there, too. Why go back to a broken society when you live and prosper in a successful one?

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Kyle Trouble 

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