Don’t Die For The Globalists



“You ran away!”

More than a few people have attacked me in recent days, laughing that I left Ukraine with those important to me versus staying behind to fight.

People are funny.

One, the obvious — I am a foreigner with no military combat experience and no language skill. Sure, there are Westerners coming in now to volunteer and fight, but they’re now organized and in groups to do so (language-wise). I would have been 100% a liability, not an asset.

Two, I’m not an idiot — why put my life on the line for the globalists and their stupid wars. They’re going to do whatever they’re going to do. I see no reason to stick my neck out for them.

There’s really only one situation where I’d be happy to do so:

When the politicians ordering the war get out of their cushy armchairs and make the order from the front lines.

If all the war-mongering freaks in the USA who poked and poked were here on the frontline, then maybe we could talk about it.

Until then.

Not a chance.

As much as I love Ukraine, it’s people, and it’s culture, there will be a day where it will be rebuilt. I do not know if it will be home for me then. Time will tell. All I know is that I consider myself to be adaptable and sovereign, meaning I am not tied to one place, I am not tied to one government.

I can do what is best for me and mine.

And I can do so without guilt.

If you hate that?

By all means, go offer to sign up yourself and die for George Soros and his gang.

If that’s not you, and you want to focus on becoming a sovereign individual, subscribe to my newsletter “The Sovereign Press” before the looming March 13th deadline.

There’s all sorts of information inside this edition about the situation in Ukraine and my escape.

Here’s the link:

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