Does your woman believe in magic?



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Does your woman believe in magic?

Generally speaking, to understand women, simply understand they believe in magic.

Things just “happen”.

Like finding a man, to modern infrastructure, to becoming wealthy .

Most women believe it just happens.

They do not see the work behind it.

“Just Happens”

This isn’t a critique, this is just how it is. I couldn’t tell you exactly why women evolved to be like this, but perhaps that’s something I’ll give some thought on and go deeper in a future email.

What this means for you is simply:

Accept life for what it is.

And it is a grind, filled with ups and downs, blood, sweat, and tears. And you, only YOU can appreciate that. The woman in your life will say she does, and she might, a little bit, but you will always have this sense that she doesn’t TRULY understand…because truthfully, she actually doesn’t. It just doesn’t compute for her. Not her fault, just life.

Anyways, something such as building a 6-figure business is a perfect example of that…

Many women, scratch that, every woman wants a man who makes 6 figures.

But, very few of them are willing to put in the work to do it.

And very few of them will ever appreciate it.

But you won’t let that stop you, will ya?


Like I said, figuring that out isn’t easy, but, it’s why I’ve made a video detailing exactly what I would do to reach that 6-figa mark in 2020 if I had everything yanked away from me and I had to start all over again.

But, that video is going to be taken down tonight, so you need to be a member of “Actually Abroad” before then to have access to it.

(FYI – you just need to be signed up. Members are provided permanent download links for content on a month-by-month basis.)

in addition, you’ll get a collection of my books and old podcast episodes.

Here’s the fast-expiring link:

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