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I got this email a while ago.

It made me chuckle, so let’s share:

Here’s one of my pet peeves, too: “the thought of a 250-pound American fatty who thinks putting on gross red toenail polish (or any other hideous color) is their secret to becoming beautiful. It’s amazing they do things like that without apparently trying to eat less or get more exercise.

I’ve been to Brazil and Colombia, and noticed that women in those countries use far less toenail polish than Americans, and when they do, they use less-offensive colors (in my opinion) like white or muted pink.

But so many American women just completely gross me out with their toenail polish. Even middle-aged women who are married do this,and I always think their husbands must be complete dumbness for tolerating that crap from them. Seriously, I’m convinced that many American men must have really low standards when it comes to women. As long as they have a hole (in front), they are content.

I look forward to reading more of your info. about women in other countries, and how to develop friendships/relationships with them.

You know what they say:

Beauty is only…toenail-deep.

I know you’re wondering what I think about toenail polish…right?

Here’s the thing:

I’m not really a fan of feet in general. I don’t even know if my girl ever wears toenail polish. I’d have to go look at her hand to tell you what color’s currently on her fingernails.

Not that it’s warm enough right now to wear flip-flops.

But, that’s not all:

This reader has a great point, underneath the feet. Namely, that outside, superficial stuff ain’t enough to sway our minds about land whales. No matter how stunning the nails are, it doesn’t hide 200 extra pounds.

And Game is the same way.

Sure, you can fake it ‘til you make it for a while, but over time you MUST develop real confidence in yourself as a man with women.

The Bang Black Friday package is designed to do all that.

So spruce up here:

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