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I’ve recently booked a trip to Berlin with one of my buddies in a few weeks, and we ironed out all of the details just yesterday. I’ve always wanted to go to Berlin, and still haven’t crossed Germany off my travel list, so I’m excited to head that way.

But, something came up while I was in the process of planning all of it.

My girlfriend very, very strongly did not want me to fly on Ukrainian International Airlines, which is one of the three airlines that serves Berlin direct from Kiev.

Reason why is simple:

Just a few weeks ago, on January 8th, a UIA flight was shot down over Iran, who have claimed fault for it.

UIA has never had an accident in their history prior to this.

And, to boot, this one was very obviously not their fault.

Statistically, the likeliness of another incident happening to the same airline in a matter of weeks is almost nothing. Not to mention, obviously they’re on extremely high alert. I would wager that at this very moment in time, you’d be hard pressed to find a safer airline.

Nonetheless, the girl was very adamant that I not fly on UIA if at all possible.

And, not that they’re some great airline with A+ service or anything of the sort, but I generally do prefer to fly on them than the super-budget airlines like RyanAir, EasyJet, or WizzAir.

In terms of relationships, there’s countless internet arguing about what’s “alpha” and what’s not.

Is it “alpha” for me to tell her to kick sand and book the flight I want?

Or is it “beta” to appease her?

To find out what I did, and what you should generally do in these situations, simply flip to the latest post inside the “Actually Abroad” member’s section.

Here’s where to get in:

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