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You want to know the hardest thing to find is when you live abroad?

A decent chicken wing.

One with some spice, some crunch, and some good ‘ol Buffalo-wingy goodness. Nay impossible to find it.

You can find any type of Asian food imaginable.

You can even find pretty good Mexican in a lot of places.

And of course, you can eat dumplings and potatoes to your hearts content…

But a good chicken wing? Impossible.

And the American chains that have invaded other places, like TGI Friday’s and Hooters – suck.

But, here’s the thing:

I’ve found one place that DOES have the best chicken wings (the guy is from Wisconsin), so that’s where I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving.

At this time last year, I went to Hooters. But after another year of living abroad under my belt, I’m an expert in the matter.

But you want to know why I’ll spend my Thanksgiving here at an American joint with three Ukrainians (my girl + our friends who are ridiculously excited to “celebrate” Thanksgiving for the first time)?

Because it’s a taste of home, and it’s just what you need at times.

Yes, expat life is great and I have no regrets. BUT, there are times that you wish you were home, or at least had the comforts of home. Chicken wings are my guilty pleasure that remind me of home without having to actually travel to California.

You want to know why I tolerate less-than-top-notch chicken wings on a consistent basis?

The females in Eastern Europe. Yes, even when I’m watching them eat chicken wings (they’ll never figure out how to do it properly).

The point is:

When the girls are such high-quality overall, even doing shit like eating is far more tolerable. The thought of watching a 250-pound American fatty eating chicken wings makes me want to vomit.

A cute, thin Ukrainian girl? ALMOST attractive.

Anyways, you owe it to yourself to avoid those fatties. And the Bang Black Friday packageis here to help you do so:

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The Harem Handbook ($200 value)
  • Go Date Online ($100 value)
  • Cracking OkCupid ($20 value)
  • Ultimate Dating Spreadsheet ($20 value)
  • Trouble, Travel, Tinder ($10 value)
  • King’s Code ($20 value)
  • Trouble In Hungary ($20 value)
  • BONUS: 1 Skype call ($100 value)

Total Value: $450

Bang Black Friday price: $197

Package deal is only available at this link:

NOTE: The Harem Handbook and Go Date Online are available individually (click the links above) at 50% off their normal price.

NOTE #2: All discounts are already applied to all products. No need for coupons!

Happy Thanksgiving, and best wishes.

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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