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Weekly Wrap: March 20th

Another week has come and gone. Spring has started to creep into Eastern Europe. I actually had about four days of sun last week, so that was nice. I’m starting to get into a great working routine, and the results are definitely paying off.

This upcoming week, I’ll be partaking in a challenge of my own design: build a niche website in 1 day.

Not to full completion, I admit. But I plan to install WordPress, put the design in, and then write somewhere between 12 and 15 posts for it. It’ll be a nice little money-making machine for just a day of work. When you think about it that way, making money on the web doesn’t have to be impossible…

…does it?

Some might ask why I do that instead of building This Is Trouble even faster. The truth is because you can only grow a brand so fast. I could spend all day on Twitter, tweeting and “building a brand”—but I frankly think that doesn’t work apart from a select few. That, and I hate social media overall. Some people tweet more in a week than I do in a year.

Not for me.

Look forward to that challenge this week—I also go into more details about it in the following videos (make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel here):

So what happened in Troubleland this week?

This Is Trouble

Eastern European Travel

Ukraine Living

Weekly Wrap: March 13th

Recently, I had the first opportunity to return to the first European city I ever went to…

Wroclaw, Poland.

So many memories in that place. I was always apprehensive about going back. I didn’t want to taint the memory. I got in late and ended up staying out really late with the restaurant staff where I had a late dinner.

They couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming.

Memories intact, and more made.

Anyways, here’s what I posted across the Troublesome network this week.

This Is Trouble

Eastern European Travel

In any case, my life has a lot more stability than it did at this time last year. I’m back in Eastern Europe, as opposed to the Balkans. To me, this is really now the one year mark of moving abroad.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year brings me.

Weekly Wrap: March 6th

Missed the weekly wrap-up last week. Of course, the week after I said I was going to start. Heh.

I spent three entire days traveling last week. From Kotor I went onward to Serbia (loved that place!), and then onwards again. I’m now settled and quite happy with my new apartment. It now really feels like the year is “starting’ so to speak. I’m in Europe (home now). Settled. Happy. Ready to kill it.

With that being said, it’s always a good reminder to travel, because you realize what a time sink it can be. I’m not a productive person when I’m moving around. I need focus and to have a home base for at least a month.

I love traveling, but travel + business is not a good mix for me as an entrepreneur.

With that being said, let’s talk posts.

This Is Trouble

Ukraine Living

Eastern European Travel

The Reality of Selling on the Internet

I’m aware of something: I’d probably be a lot more rich if I hadn’t stuck with This Is Trouble.

Because that’s a tough market to hit.

If I’d continued for the last year pouring all the time I have into Trouble into smaller niche sites, focused on selling, instead—I probably would have more money in my pocket.

But it also came down to me wanting an authority site that had a brand.

I’m not sure which will be more profitable, long-term. At least on Trouble though, I get to write about whatever I want and it’s essentially “work”. I have a lot more freedom.

If you’re a freelance writer in a past life, you might find it far easier to stomach writing about topics you don’t care about. My tequila site is a good example of that one.

It’s very possible I would have made more money because I would have built sites around niches that I knew would be profitable—or at least had a good chance.

I don’t kid myself though. I wouldn’t be having as much fun with it, that I’m sure of.

Trouble is who I am.

What do you think of the pros and cons of a big blog versus a smaller army of niche sites?

Weekly Wrap—February 20th

I run a lot of sites now. And no, some of them won’t ever be publicly disclosed. But, I thought it might be good to do a sort of weekly wrap-up across all my publicly-available sites.

I’ll try to post these every Monday, as it’s what I consider the start of my week. Of course today is Wednesday. The idea just came to me today. So cut me a break 🙂

Fun fact: I take Fridays as my “day off”. Well, I don’t really take any day off, but if I’m going to have a lazier day, it’s always Friday.


Web traffic is always lowest and as a result I find myself less motivated.

Anyways, here’s what was going on last week.

This Is Trouble

Eastern European Travel

Ukraine Living

In other news, King’s Code is available in paperback now, too.

Get Your Copy Here


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my online business pursuits for the last year, it’s that brand matters. And I’m fortunate that I picked a good name for my main website, right off the bat.

Of course, my pen name has evolved, from…

  • The “original blog” – This blog will get me in trouble
  • Troublemaker
  • Trouble
  • Kyle
  • And finally, Kyle Trouble.

Yes, Kyle is my real name.

In any case, it was about time I actually bought this domain and put something out for it.

Protecting the brand. Essential in today’s world.

What will you see on this site? Probably not much to be frank. I’ll just get it to the top of Google and might pen some old drafts or general musings here.

Welcome aboard.