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TR 111: The 5 Easiest Affiliate Programs to Join and Profit

[NOTE: The Nomad & Nerdy Show has shut down. All episodes (and future online business-related episodes) will be posted here on Troublesome Radio.]

In episode 006 of the show, Kyle talks about the 5 easiest affiliate programs to join and profit from.

What is an affiliate program? Kyle tells his hilarious story of how he was first introduced to it, how he thought he was going to be filthy rich, and how it really ended up.

In addition, you’ll learn some basic ins and outs of the Amazon affiliate program, other portals, and finally, how to get started with basic affiliate marketing so YOU can make a profit online, too!

Mentioned in this show:

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Commission Junction



Pretty Link

My God, The World Is Ending!

“Kyle, how come you don’t write about politics like everyone else? It’s a big thing!!!”

Because I just can’t bring myself to care, no matter how hard I try.

I think I was born in a weird era. I haven’t been alive long enough to feel too much pride for my country. And it’s easy to see why—I didn’t have it very good. I got kicked when I was down for being a nice guy forever, and then when I became an adult I had 40% of my money taken from me for nothing.

Basically, I feel like my country never really did anything for me (except hand me a powerful passport that’s given me the freeedom to explore other parts of the world).

Whereas, if I’d been born in ’81 instead of ’91—I might have had a few “golden years” tacked on to my life. Meaning that I might have seen some “good” in America as opposed to being born in the era when things really went bad (smartphone times).

So yeah, I guess that’s why. I just can’t bring myself to care.

I could write about ANTIFA (don’t really know who they are to be honest), riots, Trump, Hillary, and all the other rage-inciting topics that push people’s buttons these days, but…

Those topics don’t pay.

So therefore, I don’t care. Sure, they get pageviews. But not sales. I know that, and I want no part of that life because I want to make a good living.

As far as having national pride—I just don’t have any. Shame on me, perhaps. But I could spend my time reporting on this stuff, getting emotional about it, and wasting hours debating the subject, or…

I could get on with my life. Continue building my business. Continue developing relationships with wonderful people in Europe. And continue being free.

No amount of nationalistic pride could make me want to give that up.

Oh well.

Weekly Wrap: April 3rd

Another week, and now month—gone.

March was my best month ever for business, and a few other projects I think are about to hit the tipping point very, very soon. Which reminds me…

If you want to start the “generic” blog and go that route—guess what—you’re writing for free. At least for a while.

I’m tired of people coming at me for advice and when said is “Well, write 100 posts then maybe you can talk about releasing a paid product.”—it never ends well.

There are too many people selling something out there.

If you have a $10 eBook but only have 10 posts on your site—why would someone ever buy from you? They’re simply not going to. You’re seen as another marketing, spammy, internet huckster. That’s bad for business.

Plus, if you can’t churn out 100 posts you don’t have much of a business writing a book anyways.

Types of Tequila makes a comeback this week.

My first niche site was going to die, but I decided to breathe a little life in it….

In the form of AdWords 🙂

I made a quick font logo, added a resource page on margarita machines, and threw the ads on there. Let’s see what happens. I wrote a new post, too (below).

This Is Trouble

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Types of Tequila

Weekly Recap: March 27th

Hard to imagine that this is the last weekly wrap-up for the month of March. We’re rapidly closing in on the one-quarter mark of the year.

Now’s the time to have a sit rep and ask…

  • Are you meeting your goals?
  • Staying on target?
  • Doing a little bit every day to reach said goals?

If the answer is NO…

What’s the solution for YOU?

This Is Trouble

Eastern European Travel

The Best Watch I’ve Ever Owned

Before I left for Europe this year, I purchased this watch.

I never wore it out until I got on the plane from California to Eastern Europe. Know what happened as soon as I sat down on the plane?

Girl next to me raved about it.

Then a flight attendant mentioned it.

Then another passenger on my next connecting flight mentioned she liked it.

Now, every time I go out and have the thing on—someone notices it. I literally have not walked out the door with it on and not have someone compliment it, ask where I got it, etc.

This is the watch.

Watches don’t need to be incredibly elaborate to get results. It’s all about the style. The $20,000 Rolex isn’t a necessity.

It’s all about how you rock ’em.

Just Give Me A Keyboard!

Recently, I decided I was going to settle in to one place for more than one month. Kind of a nice feeling, actually.

With this also came the decision to actually buy some…stuff. Namely, a decent sized monitor so I can stop squinting at the 13″ screen in 11″ body that is my Dell XPS.

Actually, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Any and all back, neck, and other “ergonomic pain” has pretty much gone by the wayside since. And it was getting pretty bad up to that point.

With that being said, it also meant that I needed to get an actual keyboard, too—in order to utilize both screens. Plus I might as well keep the wear and tear off of the laptop keyboard itself.

Which leads me to my dilemma—finding a simple English-only keyboard has been hell. They all have foreign letters and layouts—which actually changes the way that you type and use them. It’s not so much the letters themselves but the fact that my shift key is now half the size of a normal one so that a backslash can fit there (next to Z).

The reason it’s there is because there is some super duper special apostrophe that needs to go next to my enter key. Or something. I don’t know. It’s maddening.

But I’ll take it over my fancy ergonomic keyboard I had in my cubicle back when I was a slave.

“Hey, I Want This”

When people ask me the biggest difference between dating in America and dating abroad, it’s actually quite easy to sum up in one word:


I’m going to illustrate this point with a couple of very simple photos. This is Khachapuri, a Georgian dish. It’s sort of a cheese or meat pizza. It’s probably my favorite food I’ve found abroad, albeit it’s absolutely terrible for you.

I’ve got a couple of Georgian restaurants on the list of best restaurants in Kiev, so needless to say I think it’s quite unique.

I asked my Ukrainian girl if she could make it. The answer was, “No, but I can try.”

Fast forward a couple of days. It’s Sunday morning and she’s pouring over recipes on the internet to see what’s the best method of attacking the dough, cheeses, and how to cook it properly. It turned out to be relatively simple (compared to some other dishes she’s made in the past), and, well—they came out fantastic, too.

See for yourself:

The one on the left is a cheese version, and the one on the right is stuffed with minced meat.

That’s just it, the effort. She knows I love the dish, I mentioned it, and she went out and took it upon herself to figure it out. It’s that kind of effort from girls that makes dating abroad so different.

She is a good one, too. She makes my life easier, fun, and obviously tasty.

Just one word—effort.

If you’d like to try the recipes yourself, here they are:

Weekly Wrap: March 20th

Another week has come and gone. Spring has started to creep into Eastern Europe. I actually had about four days of sun last week, so that was nice. I’m starting to get into a great working routine, and the results are definitely paying off.

This upcoming week, I’ll be partaking in a challenge of my own design: build a niche website in 1 day.

Not to full completion, I admit. But I plan to install WordPress, put the design in, and then write somewhere between 12 and 15 posts for it. It’ll be a nice little money-making machine for just a day of work. When you think about it that way, making money on the web doesn’t have to be impossible…

…does it?

Some might ask why I do that instead of building This Is Trouble even faster. The truth is because you can only grow a brand so fast. I could spend all day on Twitter, tweeting and “building a brand”—but I frankly think that doesn’t work apart from a select few. That, and I hate social media overall. Some people tweet more in a week than I do in a year.

Not for me.

Look forward to that challenge this week—I also go into more details about it in the following videos (make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel here):

So what happened in Troubleland this week?

This Is Trouble

Eastern European Travel

Ukraine Living

Weekly Wrap: March 13th

Recently, I had the first opportunity to return to the first European city I ever went to…

Wroclaw, Poland.

So many memories in that place. I was always apprehensive about going back. I didn’t want to taint the memory. I got in late and ended up staying out really late with the restaurant staff where I had a late dinner.

They couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming.

Memories intact, and more made.

Anyways, here’s what I posted across the Troublesome network this week.

This Is Trouble

Eastern European Travel

In any case, my life has a lot more stability than it did at this time last year. I’m back in Eastern Europe, as opposed to the Balkans. To me, this is really now the one year mark of moving abroad.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year brings me.

Weekly Wrap: March 6th

Missed the weekly wrap-up last week. Of course, the week after I said I was going to start. Heh.

I spent three entire days traveling last week. From Kotor I went onward to Serbia (loved that place!), and then onwards again. I’m now settled and quite happy with my new apartment. It now really feels like the year is “starting’ so to speak. I’m in Europe (home now). Settled. Happy. Ready to kill it.

With that being said, it’s always a good reminder to travel, because you realize what a time sink it can be. I’m not a productive person when I’m moving around. I need focus and to have a home base for at least a month.

I love traveling, but travel + business is not a good mix for me as an entrepreneur.

With that being said, let’s talk posts.

This Is Trouble

Ukraine Living

Eastern European Travel