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Weekly Wrap: March 6th

Published March 6, 2017 in Travel , Trouble - 0 Comments

Missed the weekly wrap-up last week. Of course, the week after I said I was going to start. Heh. I spent three entire days traveling last week. From Kotor I went onward to Serbia (loved that place!), and then onwards again. I’m now settled and quite happy with my new apartment. It now really feels […]


Published February 15, 2017 in Travel - 2 Comments

The quietest place I’ve ever been. 13k people. More people live in a district in Kiev than that. But there’s a sense of “know”. Everyone at the grocery stores knows me by now. The girls giggle when they have to speak English to me (thankfully, they speak quite well). This is the kind of place […]


Published February 13, 2017 in Travel - 0 Comments

Split between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s crowned jewel city–Istanbul–is a hypnotic blend of Asian cheesiness, Middle Eastern religion, and European culture all wrapped into one beautiful and vast city. In all my travels so far, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. What do I mean by the above? Asian cheesiness: Thousands and thousands of […]