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As you undoubtedly know by now, my political stance leans more towards the right, though I’d classify myself into the “Don’t care as long as it’s screwing with me” crowd.


I never cared about gay marriage until they took it a step too far and started having drag queens come to kindergarten assemblies to speak.

I never cared about illegal immigrants until I started having to foot the tax bill for them (and it kept growing, and growing, and growing…)

I never​ cared about “openness” and “accepting” of any and all people until free speech started coming into question, and all of a sudden you couldn’t say ​anything​ in fear of offending ​anyone.


​And, as you also know by now, I’m not too fond of my home state of California. But sometimes, the citizens of the state are good for poking fun at, and in this case — a hilarious life lesson.

Here’s what happened:

There are many, that I know personally, that fall on the opposite side of me — very, very liberal.

  • Liberal in a sense that they are happy about tax raises they think are hitting the rich, but are coming out of their own pocket (“we need the taxes of millionaires going towards good causes like marching down the street wearing vuh-gina hats!”)
  • We should foot the bill for illegal immigrants (“because everybody deserves a chance!”)
  • All about Gender Pronoun Rights (“if a person wants to have the gender pronoun of “squirrel”, you MUST refer to them as squirrel!”).

(Yes, I did just make that GPR term up)

I could go on, but no need.

You know the type.

In any case, some of these folks are now reaching a point where their kids are going away to college. Which ain’t cheap. To illustrate this, my alma matter of San Diego State University is charging roughly $25k/year for tuition + room/board. That’s up from $17k when I was there. And because the taxes are so absurdly high, some have not saved nearly enough to send their little munchkins to university.

And, said munchkins…

Also aren’t eligible for any scholarships.

Why, you ask:

Because all the scholarships go to the more diverse crowd.

Your average white dude or gal, living in the suburbs, simply isn’t going to get any of those. I guess that’s the white privilege in action, or something like that.

Even funnier:

Nor do the parents qualify for any aid. Because — you guessed it — that aid goes to the underpaid and diverse crowd who come in for the opportunity (who they also pay enormous taxes for). And the parents aren’t able to collect any aid, because they make too much gross money, yet they don’t make enough to afford college because they’re getting destroyed for taxes and aren’t taking home near enough net income.

I’ve seen this story play out more than a few times in the last couple years, and it gets funnier every time.

Maybe someday they will learn.

In any case, if you’re tired of the absolute liberal insanity sweeping through California (and the rest of the States, eventually)…

….get abroad, get paid and get laid.

Do it here:

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