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It used to be that men really weren’t with that many girls over the course of their lifetime.

Small towns, and people didn’t leave home.

Everyone knew everyone.

No smartphones.

Girls being good, and not bad.

Simply put, the way for a guy to get more ass than a toilet seat was to be a dad, and not a cad. These days, one could easily argue that if you want to be a dad who actually stays married, first ya gotta be a cad.

At the same time, girls are also choosing not to play the mom game. Many of them are choosing to have cats instead of popping out some little brats. Well, it’s sort of a mandated choice after the age of 40+, but that’s another discussion for ‘notha day.

Hey, it’s the circle of life.

Now, listen up, because the next part’s important:

It’s particularly fascinating how the modern man has had to adapt to this situation. Typically, they’ve got one or two choices:

  • Marry off at a very young age — think high school sweetheart — once college comes around usually the slutty fun begins and that is the beginning of the end
  • Become hard as hell. Deal with the fact that dating is a numbers game, and prepare for the brutal grind.

Both of them?

Totally have their merits.

On one hand, marrying off young might allow you to build some sort of “us against the world” kind of wall the outside world. There’s an issue with that though — the young man are gonna have a tougher time building that. You need the experience that life throws at you to be able to handle that. It would take an exceptional young man to do that.

The other side is that going the cad route gives you a plethora of experiences and choices. You learn to not put all your stock in one individual, and gives you the skills to walk away from a situation that you don’t like.

The downside:

It ruins the “naiveness” of it all.

Once you go that route, you’ll never get your innocence back.

A good thing in my case. Maybe, or maybe not, in yours.

In any case, time to wrap this up. Enjoy today’s food for thought.

If you want more information about going the cad (not cat) route of doing things, check out my book King’s Code:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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