Bubba Wallace Is a No-Talent Hack Using Social Justice to Advance His Career



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Today, I went to turn on the recording of yesterday’s NASCAR race.

For those of you who don’t know, I grew up racing karts, have loved NASCAR and all forms of motorsports since the age of 5 years old.

Well, the race was delayed.

But, NASCAR was still in the news.

Because a noose was found in the garage of the one and only black NASCAR driver.

You know, in the garage, next to the million dollar racecar, where there’s no fans allowed at the track, very little media, and even team head counts are severely limited because of COVID.

I don’t buy it for one second.

Reason why?

This driver, Bubba Wallace, is truly a no-talent hack who only has his ride because of his skin color. Of course, since all this started, he’s donned a “Black Lives Matter” paint scheme and been very active about speaking out.

It’s nonsense.

He has accomplished nothing in his entire career. He’s a backmarker who makes up the numbers.

Plus, how many “nooses” have been found to be hoaxed in the last few days?

It’s a total hoax.

It cracks me up when people say NASCAR and racing is racist.

This is professional sports. If you are good enough, someone will fund your whole career. If you’re not, you don’t make it.

It’s all about results.

You don’t see people complaining that there aren’t enough Asian NBA or NFL players, do you?

NASCAR is the same thing. It’s a professional sport with competitive people who run it as a life or death business.

Bubba Wallace Just Sucks.

He’s led 23 laps in his entire career. Again. 23 total laps.

There’s usually 300-500 laps a race, and they race 36 times a year. Do the math on that.

He sucks. It’s a hoax. Social justice is his only claim to fame.

He’s a worse driver than “go gurlll Danica Patrick”.

He’s has finished in the Top 10 in 6 of his 89 career starts at the top NASCAR level (3 year span) That’s 7%. You could argue his equipment isn’t that great, which is the truth.


The guy who drove his car before him finished in the Top 10 in 14% (over a 5 year span).

He’s a no-talent hack using “racism” to up his stock.

Just can’t escape this nonsense. I thought this might be the one sport that would stay out of this racism nonsense. Clearly not the case. They’re coming for everyone.

Prediction: NASCAR Won’t Last. A Lot of Companies Won’t.

NASCAR won’t last the decade.

NASCAR is the perfect example of pandering to the mob at the expense of your most loyal customers. No amount of social justice is going to turn the black population into sudden NASCAR fans. And you alienated your core base.

Every small company who bends the knee.


These people demanding you bend the knee are all losers with no money. They’re not your clientele. Meanwhile your actual customers will abandon you.

It’s not like NASCAR is going to attract young African Americans to suddenly start watching because they went woke.

Meanwhile they will alienate the people who buy the tickets, overpriced beers, merchandise, and tune in to the races themselves. Are some of them racist? Probably. Are most of them? No. They’re just normal people who like loud V8s, guns, and Budweiser and just want to go about their lives.

People vote with their wallet, silently.

It’s absolute zero win.

Which is why, I wrote a 20 page essential breakdown of all of this. It’s going to members on July 1st, so subscribe before then to the group:


Keep causing trouble,
Kyle Trouble

PS: Inside it exactly is…

* The “shocking” ask for reparations from blacks to whites, and what will probably happen next, and no, it’s not good…(page 2)

* The “Death by a Thousand Cuts” strategy that has been implemented in the political system to make the USA completely insane (pages 6 and 7)

* How the Lunatic Left managed to implement this same strategy with feminism, gays, immigration, racism, and climate change with hardly a peep (page 9)

* The “why” behind why people eventually will get reparations unless the Conservative part of the country uses one very simple strategy (page 10)

* What Donald Trump has failed at and why he isn’t the great savior he ran as in 2016 (page 11)

* Why the people who were “unsure” of Trump in 2016 won’t be voting for him in 2020 (page 12)

* The one chilling image that shows just how the USD could fall apart (and soon) – page 15

* The reason why the Federal Reserve is acting like a college sorority girl on spring break and YOLO’ing it up, and what it means for your life, savings, retirement, and money (page 16)


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  1. Ditto.. Bubba has no talent behind the wheel. Plain and Simple.
    If Michael Jordan wants to waste his money on a guy that has never won a race, then
    he don’t like his money much. I thought Jordan was much smarter than that.
    Luck boys, you are for sure going to need it … LOL

  2. “NASCAR is not racist at all, no matter what anyone says”

    The fan base literally chucked a winge over a ban on the confederate flag leading to the loss of a massive chunk of fans and attendance and also a massive amount of people still bringing confederate flags to races in protest.
    There are videos of online of old white raving fans at events of people outwardly saying they don’t want black people at the event.

    But no, NASCAR fans aren’t racists.
    It’s those evil BLM people lying.
    Even though all the proof is coming from white rural Americans.

    Racists falling back on “I’m not racist, your racist for calling me racist” is fucking cringe.

  3. You make some good points but your also a puss Nascar fan so I take it all with a grain of salt. Nascar is now just a bunch of wanna be liberal "woke" queers just like your saying. So be a real man and start watching hockey. Forget Nascar and its all its failings. I grew up next to Charlotte speedway, and I used to enjoy loading a cooler up and hanging out with some fellow rednecks, gambling a bit and having a good time. But its all went to hell and its no where near a white man's sport anymore. Hell it was never a sport to begin with just a bunch of turning left.

    so f Nascar and f you if your still a fan boy queer. And if not then nevermind and watch hockey like a real white man.

  4. This guy is a joke. He used his fake nuse story to make headlines and he sucked Denny Hamlin ave Michael Jordan into his web of losing. Sucks for them. He's using his race to make money not the limited talent he has. It's a shame NASCAR feels the need to prop him up because he's black. Such as life in 2021.

  5. Have to agree, he refuses to admit that it was no noose. He is painfully slow on all road course's. When it comes to Lewis Hamilton, I may not agree with his political leanings, but the guy is one of the best ever. He can turn it on at will.

  6. I agree 100%now if he is running 23rd in a race I notice he is mentioned! My question is does NASCAR receive money for the advertising he gets EVERY RACE!
    I am an Alabama race fan and when he went Racial he lost all of my respect!

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