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Here’s a little fun timeline about the ‘ol V-Card…

1960 – Men got a virgin

2000 – Men got a girl with 3 prior partners

2010 – Men got a girl with 10 prior partners

2020 – Men get a girl with 25 prior partners

2050 – Men are lucky to get a girl with less than 100 prior partners

Or perhaps, in 2050, we won’t even be able to get a real girl at all, because seks dolls and robots have taken over the planet, or we’ve all been turned to one “binary gender”.

I jest, I jest, but seriously.

Something I’ve been thinking about with coronavirus sweeping the globe, is that right now, nobody really should be going into their office. We have the capability for most white-collar jobs to work from home. Why risk it?

And to me, it seems:

That this would be easy to transition to later in, in many years, too.

What I mean is simply that humans will become more and more isolated, more and more prone to living behind their computer screens, and just not really having much social interaction outside of those whom you share a home with. And yeah, it sounds sad right now, to us, living through this transition period, but in a few decades, with those who have grown up with screens their entire life…it might sound like an appealing way to live.


You could make the argument we’re closer to that than most of us care to admit.

Now, for the kick that may surprise you:

Is that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for us, right here, right now.

Reason why?

Biology hasn’t caught up.

As of now, women are still going to be more attracted to the men willing to take their shot in person versus the man who sends them tips for streaming on Twitch. A man willing to still be a man.

And, to learn how to do that, and to go where the best girls still are.

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There’s all sorts of cool stuff inside, and I’ve even now begun to offer a 5-day trial.

I reckon if you flip to one of the course bonuses inside, you’ll find something that can make you into a man in demand.

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