Boomers killed the American dream, now they’re dragging us to the grave with them



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“Why are successful Americans renouncing their citizenships and flocking overseas?! 

We don’t understand! 

We are the greatest and most free country ever!”

The answer is in this photo:

The American Dream is BULLSHIT.

THIS is why.

I admit, I bitch about taxes too much.


Your average American on the “recommended” college & 9-5 path cannot obtain the expected life, or  find a good girl in the country.

I think myself and many people here on Twitter would have been happy with a “normal” life:

  • A rewarding career that paid fair with advancement, devoid of the HR nightmares
  • A salary that could afford buying a home and raising a 4-person family with mom staying home
  • The ability as a “normal, nice guy” to get a “normal, nice girl” who is thin and pleasant

I would have probably been a very happy man in that life, had I been born 50 or 60 or so years ago.

I would have gladly paid my taxes to Uncle Sam, I would have worked in the same career for a while, and things would have worked out.

The American Dream.

Well, men around my age…

We didn’t get any of that. 

Careers are a dead end, the careers can’t pay for the homes, and women in America have been destroyed by feminism.

Is it fair?

No, but complaining about it does no good.

So, in many of our cases…

We couldn’t have afforded to start a business + live in the States, so we left.

  • We go to countries where we can make it.
  • We find girls who are still pleasant.
  • We buy properties that we can afford in these countries.
  • We invest in foreign companies.
  • We go through the visa headaches and processes.
  • We learn the local language.
  • We do the VERY DEFINITION of the American Dream…

Only, not in America…because we were priced/forced out of that very market.

We had no choice…

And it makes me so angry, because my own government just keeps trying to drag me down and drag me back.

Just let me be free and live my life in peace.

I don’t mind paying taxes!

Just make it SIMPLE and FAIR.

I am part of a Canadian company, Selo Oils, as most of you know.

Because of this, I must fill out one of the most complicated forms.

It costs $700 to have an account do it.


  • 38 hours of work
  • 82 hours of record keeping, 
  • 16 hours of “learning” what’s on the form

All of this while being threatened with a $10,000 fine or prison if you muck up one line of the thing.

And this is just one of the many forms like it I have to deal with as an expat abroad who does more than teach English for $1,500/month.

In the meantime, I spent all of 11 days in America this year.

  • I do not get healthcare
  • I will likely not get any Social Security
  • I *take* nothing out of the US government system except my passport

Yet my taxes are HARDER than the lazy welfare bums and illegals.

All most of us want is to be left in peace.

Stop making forms and bureaucracy designed to make people fail if they go abroad.

Let us send you one form for all our income and pay the tax on it.

Not pay $700/form dozens of times plus spend hundreds of hours understanding it all.

The generations before us killed the American Dream.

That sucks, that’s unfair, but that’s life.

We can live with it.

It’s fine that the American Dream wasn’t available to us, but let us build it elsewhere – in PEACE.

That’s what “Actually Abroad” is all about. American Dream, Abroad.

Here’s where to join the exclusive community of men making it happen:

Keep causing trouble,
Kyle Trouble

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* And much, much more…

Clock’s tickin’ ’til 12/1.

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