Average Americans Must Have “The American Dream”, or Else…



Let me get this clear.

You make the American dream unobtainable for average young people and then tell them they’re losers because they can’t make it happen.

American society, to function without unrest, must provide the “American Dream” to UNEXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE.

This is what Boomers do not get. You sold young people the suburban house, the white picket fence, two kids and two cars.

Yes, young people do expect this, whether right or wrong. They expect they are able to go to college, study whatever, and get a job and obtain the house, cars, and kids with that job. Yes, EVERY YOUNG PERSON IN AMERICA is told this is basically their American-born right.

Unfortunately, that dream snaps back into reality quickly when they graduate college thousands in debt, and then cannot get that job.

Which is why you have so many angry people wanting Socialism right now. Free rent, free money, free everything.

When the quality of life in society is too low for AVERAGE people, they eventually crack — then break and burn said society to a crisp.

Don’t get me wrong. My generation is full of excuses and many are lazy.

But people want to know why they’re burning down the cities.

Well, I’m explaining it to them — they just don’t like the answers.

As a millennial who most would consider successful.

I’m tired of people my age getting all the blame for being lazy.

People say that, “Expectations didn’t meet reality”.

The same people who gave them their expectations and created the reality say this.

Fuck off with your righteous bullshit.

I’m not whining about the circumstances of my generation because I’m a victim.

I built a business and left America. I’m thankful as hell for the internet and the fact I could make it on my own.

I’m just saying…

They cannot afford it unless they are EXCEPTIONAL.

Eventually they get mad and try to overthrow the system.

Lots more about this, and what’s coming, inside the next “Insurgent Confidential”, including…

  • The “shocking” ask for reparations from blacks to whites, and what will probably happen next, and no, it’s not good…(page 2)
  • The “Death by a Thousand Cuts” strategy that has been implemented in the political system to make the USA completely insane (pages 6 and 7)
  • How the Lunatic Left managed to implement this same strategy with feminism, gays, immigration, racism, and climate change with hardly a peep (page 9)
  • The “why” behind why people eventually will get reparations unless the Conservative part of the country uses one very simple strategy (page 10)
  • What Donald Trump has failed at and why he isn’t the great savior he ran as in 2016 (page 11)
  • Why the people who were “unsure” of Trump in 2016 won’t be voting for him in 2020 (page 12)
  • The one chilling image that shows just how the USD could fall apart (and soon) – page 15
  • The reason why the Federal Reserve is acting like a college sorority girl on spring break and YOLO’ing it up, and what it means for your life, savings, retirement, and money (page 16)

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