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A while back I was chatting with a reader about niche sites.

Here was his comment:


“Ironically, though, I think it is also BECAUSE you chose to also sell their products your niche (e.g. on UkraineLiving) instead of just through Amazon that you’ve had some more resiliency and continued to make money from the niche sites as you have.

I’ve heard from other niche site resources that Amazon recently literally cut their affiliate commissions in half (from about 8.5% to about 4%) and that the persistence of the cookie and order frequency for a lot of North American buyers has also changed overall with Prime.


Honestly, affiliate marketing is a game where you are just so reliant on other people, it’s either feast or famine.

You either are making tons of money without having to go through the pains of production creation yourself, or the programs are bending you over backwards, stealing money from you, “losing” your clicks — you name it. It’ll happen.

That’s why it’s so incredibly important not to be too reliant on any one thing…

And, honestly, this extends far, far beyond just business and affiliate marketing.

I’ve talked before, many a times, about the critical importance of being “anti-fragile”. This doesn’t mean you MUST become a business owner, I won’t talk down to you about having a 9-5 like many gurus will. But, it does mean if you DO have a 9-5, and you have a tendency to have a big mouth, you better protect yourself.

Have enough money in savings to weather getting fired for pissing off the wrong snowflake.

Have a hidden Bitcoin wallet with enough stashed to survive in case your wife takes you for all you’re worth.

Have a few bank accounts from different banks so if one goes belly-up, you’ve got options.

Basically, it’s very simple, have common sense, have failsafes, and most of all, never, ever put full trust in anyone but yourself.

This is also extremely, extremely true when it comes to women.

And no, I don’t mean you need to play the field, run harems with dozens of girls in it, or whatever other “abundant” stuff you can spout.

I mean simply that you don’t put your own personal happiness in the hands of one woman.

Women are fickle creatures, likely to change their mind as likely as the weather is to change from day to day.

Putting all your eggs of your own happiness in the hands of a woman is both foolish, and will ultimately make her unhappy.

So, whether it be business.

Or whether it’s women.

Or whether it’s just your own personal finances.

Always, always have a bit of diversification.

Always, always assume the worst can happen.


Always be wary of those big companies, like Amazon.

Anyways, back to affiliate marketing…

While it can be frustrating, and annoying, it’s still easily one of the best beginner ways to make money online. And trust me, as someone who did eCommerce food (with Selo Oils), and is currently working on a brand-new eCom brand, these kind of ventures are NOT best suited for newbies.

It’s totally within reason to make some side cash with affiliate marketing, and using that money to get yourself abroad, where you can then begin to focus on bigger and better businesses over time.

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