About “Westernization” and Lukashenko



Belarus almost ran their president out of the country a few years ago.

Short term benefits of it? Some, of course.

There are some downsides though, which nobody will dare talk about in the MSM.

But I will.


The dating (and nuclear family) market will be shattered.


Sure, maybe Igor the programmer or Sergei the laborer want higher salaries & more opportunity. 

What they don’t realize is that a Western way of life means their options for family life will dwindle.

Right now, Igor on his $700/month salary has his absolute pick of thin, feminine girls who LIKE men.

He’s a local, speaks the language, does well for himself, can provide.

He can be fat, drink to excess, even have bad body odor.

He will still have EASY access to these girls.

If Belarus ran Lukashenko out of town & tried to become more Euro…

Well, bad shit happens.

Hordes of foreign men will be starting to take trips to Minsk.

Good ‘ol stag parties.

The girls will get used to dating men who have a few hundred dollars to blow, they will play them like fiddles.

This already started a few years ago.

First you needed a visa to get to Belarus, then you could go visa-free for 5 days, now you can go for an entire month.

Not to mention, many of the girls will try to leave the country if things open up for them to work in other places.

Soon, being a $700/m programmer will not mean anything.

Igor will be left out in the cold if he doesn’t already have a wife and children.

The next generation of Belarusian men will have much more fierce competition for their women.

Their women are thin, pretty, and feminine.

There is almost none of this left in the Western world. 

Girls have more options = they look like this.

Hence, they will be in hot demand if things become more open

Not to mention the rising costs of living (salaries will not keep up), and other issues that can and will arise.

Not saying Lukashenko is a saint, far from it. 

Right now, Belarusian men have their pick of pretty feminine girls, they can likely afford a home with a few years of work and family help.

They are totally left alone if they don’t actively oppose the gov.

These girls will likely make great wives and mothers. Happy to stay at home, cook for him, raise children, and stay fit, thin, stylish & attractive.

Is this such a bad thing?

I’ve seen many places go through a “Westernization” and the results aren’t seen until it’s too late.

Doesn’t excuse the goons in the streets with the guns. 

Or, more currently, Putin’s war.

Just not sure you want to be overlorded by the EU either.

Both are evil.

All politicians suck, truthfully.

Just presenting the other side.

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  1. I was thinking something similar recently about Ukraine, since 2014 there have been hordes of foreign men going to Ukraine to f… women (me included), so local men have surely lost "purchasing power", and now they also have a war to fight, driven by the same west who screwed their women, the average Ukrainian man has been completely scammed by their government

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