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People must always come to their own conclusions.

Telling someone what they should think or trying to open their eyes never works.

They must experience genuine pain, hardship, or be pushed to the brink before they act or change.

And that, my friends, is what is so telling about talking to American men.

I talk to guys, I consult with them, and you know what?

It’s not their fault.

The entire system in the States of dating screws up the mindset of normal, masculine men. They feel the need to always proceed with extreme caution, the need to always apologize, and that they simply are not good enough.

You know what I tell them?

“It’s not fair. It’s not your fault. The environment you grew up in and have dealt with is completely unjust. Again, it is not your fault. But, from this moment on…now YOU KNOW. You know the truth. From this moment on, everything IS your fault.”

Those who can accept this tend to do very, very well in their lives.

Those who cannot accept it…

Well, they just continue to suffer.

Except, now it’s their fault.

The real problem in the States is the women. They’re masculine, they’re not pleasant, and they’re not fun. Most are certainly not marriage material, and even less are wife material.

Let me lay it out for you:

There is better.

You can get better.

You just have to get on a plane, and put your best foot forward.

I show you how in the “Dating Abroad Podcast”, which you can buy full access to for 70% off the normal price until Sunday at 11:59pm PST.

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