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Unfortunately, things have to change. I guess that’s business for you.

As you’ve likely noticed, this site has gone an overhaul, as has my former-main-site, This Is Trouble.

This is mostly for business reasons, because, let’s face it, the days of people blogging, and people following and commenting are pretty much completely over.

This Is Trouble has been falling and plummeting down the Google ranks for close to a year now, both due to neglect and to stubbornness. I guess I never planned for my blog to be my business. I always just wanted to write my thoughts on it. But now, I do a lot of that personal writing on my email list, every day.

The blog is just sort of dying out, sadly.

And, because there is just such a sheer amount of content on that blog, Google has penalized it.

What I mean by this, is that there were nearly 1,400 posts on that site. Maybe 10% of them were ranking in Google. This means the other 90% were dragging down the 10% that were ranking.

Add in all the people who are copying me blatantly — even going as far as to steal outlines and licensed images, and I’m fighting a losing battle. Sadly, some of these people are people I’ve met in person and considered to be a friends.

Hence, I’m forced to evolve.

So, here’s what’s happening.

This Is Trouble Is Becoming The Premier International Dating Site For Men Abroad

I’ve hired numerous contributors whom I’ve met and known over the years, who are stationed in various locals. They will contribute to their local countries or regions with an in-depth level of expertise.

The goal is for me to step back from This Is Trouble to the point it is an actual business, perhaps one that can even have an exit one day.

Until I can exit it and sell it, or be totally hands-off, it is (no longer) the business I want to run.

This also means that many of my old posts are being taken down. Some are being re-routed here, to what is now my personal blog, and some are just going away permanently.

As I go back through it, I see a lot of things I just chuckle at as I write them.

While I won’t apologize for them, I will say that I don’t mind them not being on the internet anymore 🙂

The Work Will Continue

On the email list, and on this very site. It’s pretty much just set up to be easy to read right now, but perhaps it will get a better facelift one day.

I just cannot continue down the road of putting personal crap on the main site. It needs to be focused, streamlined, and serve the visitors properly. Don’t get me wrong, I know many of you who read this are long-time readers. But, it took time. The main site will continue to collect emails and get people into the “Trouble” world. It just won’t be me writing much, if any, of it. If people choose to sign up to my email list, then they’ll get the Kyle Trouble show, and either stay or leave from there.


It has been a hard year.

I was more or less forced away from the Selo Oils olive oil company, which I’d dedicated most of my time for the last year to.

My niche sites as a result have fallen off, as well as the main site. Affiliate programs seem to be blatantly stealing from me (example, one is down 80%+ from January of this year).

My own products, with the exception of “Actually Abroad“, have fallen off in sales, too.

I’m not sure what it’s all been, likely a combination of everything.

And, I just got too complacent. I took my foot off the gas in the summer as Selo fell apart. I felt down and in the dirt. I thought the passive income train I’d been riding would never end. I was wrong. I was stupid. I was ignorant.

Overall, my income is down a lot from what it was just a few months ago.

October is trending up (a bit), but either way, it’s time for me to learn some hard lessons and move forward.

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