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In the “Actually Abroad” group chat yesterday, one member informed us that he’d been sent an email stating that “90 Day Fiance” is casting for their next round…

Which, admittedly, even though it is on TLC, I’m not THAT ashamed to admit that I watch the show.

…and most of the spin-offs, too…

It got me to thinking:

I’m “somewhat” famous. I’ve been stopped on the street here (or been recognized in the Kiev nightlife scene) probably half a dozen times this year alone. It’s always a bit weird, but you guys are pretty much always cool as shyt about it. But honestly, what really makes people want to be on reality TV? Surely anyone who applies and then accepts to be on the show has watched it? You’d hope. Or has read about it? Or does some research to see how reality TV always ends up being edited for maximum drama and lewlz instead of the truth…

But no, most of these people, by the end of the season, at the “tell all”, end up clueless to the whole thing it seems.

I don’t think I’d ever want to be really famous unless I was getting a true famous-person check, as in millions and millions of dollars to do it. These guys on reality TV making a few hundred bucks an episode for their 15 minutes of fame are insane.

Maybe a few years ago it would have made a little sense…

But now, with social media, these people get ripped to shreds by millions of people online (like how I’m doing right now), and I just don’t see why they’d subject themselves to it.

Sadly, I think the show gives absolutely horrendous insight into dating abroad.

For every dork getting screwed by a 90DF girl, there’s 10 guys who actually have their shit together and are doing well with foreign women.

It’s just manufactured drama, unfortunately it has the negative side effect of turning guys off to it.

Of course people think all foreign women are gold diggers if they watch that show, cause most of them are.

Anyways, ’nuff rambling.

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