8 Ways to Get Back Time



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Too many people say they don’t have enough time these days, which is a whole lot of bollocks in my opinion.

Here are 8 simple ways you can take your time back.

1. Cut Out Your Commute

There’s numerous options to do this these days. Many companies allow you to WFH, or some sort of hybrid. Or, move closer. A higher rent will often be worth the sanity of not sitting in rush hour traffic all the time.

2. Stop Eating Breakfast

Most “breakfast” foods like cereals are garbage anyway, and there’s numerous benefits to fasting in the morning (one of them being increased focus + productivity). And, it’s one less thing to concern yourself with in the morning.

3. Superset Your Workouts

“I don’t have the energy to workout” – that’s because you DON’T work out. If you truly don’t have the time, start super-setting your workouts. You can get a solid lift done in 25 minutes max. No excuses.

4. Stop Taking Your Phone To The Toilet

Scroll, scroll, poo, poo. How many hours does society as a whole waste on the toilet scrolling away? At least read a book.

5. The List

Use an old school pen and paper. Write down your most critical things you must do the night before bed. When you get up, actually do them and do nothing else until they are completed.

You’ll mentally free yourself with this method.

6. Your 1 Hour

People always say they “don’t have enough time”.

What they mean is they don’t have enough time for THEMSELVES. They’re not getting what they want out of life.

So put yourself first. Dedicate the first hour of your day to you and you alone. Not your wife. Not your dog. Nothing but you. You’ll feel like you have much more time throughout the rest of the day because your needs are taken care of.

7. Walk, A Lot

A lack of time comes not from a lack of hours in the day, but a feeling of being overwhelmed. Clear your mind. The best way to do this is by walking 10,000 steps a day.

PS: Take out the headphones, you don’t need more podcast information or news. If you can’t go 30 minutes without checking your phone…you got issues to handle.

8. 1 Day Off A Week

Pick one day a week to not think about work or any significant responsibilities. Especially true if you’re a business owner. You need decompression time.

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