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Came an email from a DANET subscriber:

“You are the MAN.

I just relocated from [terrible American city] to [somewhere in Mexico with sexy Mexican girls] and I just got my first date in over 12 years to this cute 26 yr old for next Sunday. Keep in mind I’m 58.

Keep up the good work.”

Now, I’m not bad at math.

Thank the half-Asian from my Dad’s side of the family.

And you know what my math tells me?

26 is less than half the age of 58.

Naughty, naughty.

I hear the shrieking cries of the ladies his same age — saying how gross this is, what a perv he is, etc, etc.

And you know what, it makes me rub my hands in glee. Because while they’ll be all upset and offended by the story, this guy will be out sipping margaritas with a young hottie, having the time of his life.

They’ll be the same age as him and consoling themselves with their cats while the pretty young thang makes slurping sounds out of her margarita’s straw.

Personally, I feel little to no pity.

So let this be an education for the young ladies reading this email (I know there’s plenty of you). Don’t wait. I’m not saying you have to go out with a guy 2x+ your age, but don’t think that the same options will be there for you later in life.

It’s like the guy who waits to make a move on a girl.

He never wins. He’s labeled the nice guy and pushed aside for someone more exciting. He rarely escapes that “zone”.

Works the same way.

The girl who waits and waits for the perfect guy so she can have fun never wins. She’s labeled damaged good and chucked away after the fun is done. She rarely escapes that “zone” — and only to someone below the standards of everyone before him.

Also, one more thing:

DANET is a fantastic product, of that I am sure.

But a girl should never buy it.

It’s a terrible idea to put grand visions of travel and sleeping around in the mind of a girl.

She’ll be ruined by the time she crosses the border.

Therefore, if you are feelmale, I forbid you from buying it.

But, guys?

Oh yeah, this is for you.

If you want to date girls half your age (if you’re older than 36 or older, ‘o course), and get the total blueprint of how to date and mate all over the world with ’em, you owe it to yourself to subscribe.

And it’s cheaper than a box of kitty kibble:


Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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