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Weird shiz has been going on in my life recently, as I fight against all these big companies that are just so set on making my life miserable, and you know what I realized?

Is that…

I sort of, in a way, hate the people who find my site.

Obviously not you guys, my loyal horde of email followers.

But, the guys who browse, come along, and then leave, and don’t try to better themselves.

What I mean is this:

I would love to sell my books at a $1/each if it meant I would sell 100 of them a day. But…that’s just not gonna happen, despite the fact that my site gets thousands of visitors. People just don’t buy stuff “cold” like that on the internet anymore. And even if I set up a nice funnel, reached out multiple times, etc., it’s still a battle because at the end of the day, most people don’t really want to work hard at something. They want the short fix. Reading a book and actually trying to improve your life is tough.

Basically, I can try, and likely fail, to sell 100 books at a dollar, or I can link to some shady and shitty dating site, and I’ll sell 10 of those (at $200-$300/pop) before I sell 10 books.

It’s lunacy, and yet, here I am.

Unfortunately, the same guy who says my book at $20 is too expensive is also the same guy who drops $200 on a dating site, and then $2,000 on a MacBook for a girl he’s never met.

Again, lunacy.

And yeah, obviously I have low respect for those guys, and yet, they are sort of my customer (or at least the ones finding my stuff).

And yes, those who take the time to sign up to the email list, to confirm their subscription, and then to actually read these emails and implement stuff – y’all are a different breed, and you know that.

Maybe it’s time to realize it’s hard to save the world, and I shouldn’t bother even trying.

Anyways, that’s what I got for today.

PS: If you want to join my actual community where I’m trying to help guys get abroad and date better girls, check out:


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