My God, The World Is Ending!

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“Kyle, how come you don’t write about politics like everyone else? It’s a big thing!!!” Because I just can’t bring myself to care, no matter how hard I try. I think I was born in a weird era. I haven’t been alive long enough to feel too much pride for my country. And it’s easy […]

Weekly Wrap: April 3rd

Published April 3, 2017 in Trouble - 2 Comments

Another week, and now month—gone. March was my best month ever for business, and a few other projects I think are about to hit the tipping point very, very soon. Which reminds me… If you want to start the “generic” blog and go that route—guess what—you’re writing for free. At least for a while. I’m […]

Weekly Recap: March 27th

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Hard to imagine that this is the last weekly wrap-up for the month of March. We’re rapidly closing in on the one-quarter mark of the year. Now’s the time to have a sit rep and ask… Are you meeting your goals? Staying on target? Doing a little bit every day to reach said goals? If […]

The Best Watch I’ve Ever Owned

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Before I left for Europe this year, I purchased this watch. I never wore it out until I got on the plane from California to Eastern Europe. Know what happened as soon as I sat down on the plane? Girl next to me raved about it. Then a flight attendant mentioned it. Then another passenger on […]

Just Give Me A Keyboard!

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Recently, I decided I was going to settle in to one place for more than one month. Kind of a nice feeling, actually. With this also came the decision to actually buy some…stuff. Namely, a decent sized monitor so I can stop squinting at the 13″ screen in 11″ body that is my Dell XPS. […]

“Hey, I Want This”

Published March 20, 2017 in Trouble - 3 Comments

When people ask me the biggest difference between dating in America and dating abroad, it’s actually quite easy to sum up in one word: EFFORT. I’m going to illustrate this point with a couple of very simple photos. This is Khachapuri, a Georgian dish. It’s sort of a cheese or meat pizza. It’s probably my […]

Weekly Wrap: March 20th

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Another week has come and gone. Spring has started to creep into Eastern Europe. I actually had about four days of sun last week, so that was nice. I’m starting to get into a great working routine, and the results are definitely paying off. This upcoming week, I’ll be partaking in a challenge of my own […]

Weekly Wrap: March 13th

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Recently, I had the first opportunity to return to the first European city I ever went to… Wroclaw, Poland. So many memories in that place. I was always apprehensive about going back. I didn’t want to taint the memory. I got in late and ended up staying out really late with the restaurant staff where […]

Why Do We Hate Success?

Published March 11, 2017 in Racing - 1 Comment

The Formula 1 season is closing in on it’s kickoff date—late March in Melbourne, Australia. For the last three years, Mercedes has absolutely wiped the floor with Formula 1. I’m not going to bother to check my numbers, but I think they won all but three races in 2014, all but three races in 2015, […]

Weekly Wrap: March 6th

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Missed the weekly wrap-up last week. Of course, the week after I said I was going to start. Heh. I spent three entire days traveling last week. From Kotor I went onward to Serbia (loved that place!), and then onwards again. I’m now settled and quite happy with my new apartment. It now really feels […]