Don’t run away because you’re too rich

“Every girl from Florida I talked to (and I spoke to dozens) mentioned that she really wanted to move away from there. Come to think of it…in most American towns/cities I’ve visited, young people have the desire to leave. Not towards a goal, but to run away from something.”

Goldmund on Twitter

Oh, I’m guilty.

But what about if I ran away from something in order to chase a goal? Namely, fat girls and feminism in California.

Wait, let me correct my wording.

Who am I kidding?

I didn’t need to run away from the fat girls and feminism in the west.

I only needed to waddle a little faster than them.

Now that I’ve got my daily ragging on feminism done with (and the goal of getting the feminists to unsubscribe from my list), let’s move on to the actual topic of this email. Namely, running away from your problems.


A LOT of people have demons these days. And the odd thing is that it’s because of the current shape of our society — namely, that it’s PROSPEROUS.

A prosperous society results in more demons and issues for people?

You bet. Think about it.

100 years ago, our great-great grandparents weren’t worried about the Kardashians or where to take their next vacation. They were worried about having enough food to eat, dodging bombs in wars, and other survival-type-shit.

Now the biggest issue many people face is: “Gee, how am I supposed to possibly pick one NetFlix movie tonight? There are thousands!”

Too much prosperity takes away the basic need to fight to survive, and results in unhappiness. It used to be that just surviving and breeding was usually enough to bring life satisfaction.

So, put your survival in the fate of something you have to fight for.

Like a business.

Trust me, if your own business is your sole source of income to feed yourself, you’re going to be working hard towards meeting those goals so you can survive.

And, funny enough, you then don’t have enough time to be unhappy and “run away” from your problems.

Now, listen up, as this is quite important:

In business, a big problem is paralysis-analysis.

Meaning you spend your time between too many choices. Too much testing this, testing that, looking at A data and then trying to make Z changes.


Let me give an example…

You know what’s always on my list of thing to do to improve my online business, but rarely gets done?

A/B testing.

It’s just such a damn pain in the ass. (duplicating pages, copy/pasting code, setting up events, figuring out Google Tag Manager,…).

As you might also know, I am a huge fan of Thrive Themes. I have their themes and plugins installed on 30 sites at this point.

Thrive Optimize is their newest plugin that allows A/B testing without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

You can set up an unlimited amount of different variations to your landing page in seconds, see detailed reports to understand which variations did the trick, or set the whole thing on autopilot and let the winner variation be selected and set automatically.

It’s the ultimate small online business testing tool — seriously, this thing is hand-made for solo entrepreneurs like us.

After all, if you don’t test, you can’t optimize your page for higher conversion rates and more mula in your greedy little hands.

Details here or at the link below.

The deadline to do this is by XYZ.

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

TR 119: The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

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[NOTE: This first appeared as Episode #17 of The Nomad & Nerdy Show last year, this show has now shut down. All episodes (and future online business-related episodes) will be posted here on Troublesome Radio.]


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TR 113: 5 Dead Businesses, Their Replacements, and How You Can Prosper (Part 2/2)

[NOTE: The Nomad & Nerdy Show has shut down. All episodes (and future online business-related episodes) will be posted here on Troublesome Radio.]

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And ultimately?what you should be looking out for in the coming years.

Opportunity knocks.

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PS: It’s not cheating to get an edge. Try Modafinil. Seriously.

How to get layed while not getting off the couch

I’m a huge proponent that everybody needs to be able to cold approach girls. I’m also of the mindset that everybody need some time off once in a while. And that them womenz shouldn’t rule your life.

And rule their life they will, if you let them.

I know it’s cliche and gets used all the time, but all men need a Mission that goes before the boobies.

When you have the skills to keep girls around, and the frame that sucks new ones in – life goes on EZ-street.

What do I mean by this?

1.) If you can keep girls around, keep them wanting more, and draw them into YOUR world, then you’re going to have them coming to you beck and call.

You’d be shocked how a girl who is just a casual fuckbuddy will go out of her way to pick up food for you, bring it to your house on a random Monday at 9pm, suck your dick, and then turn around and do the dishes.

Every girl has that side of her waiting to be unlocked, you just need to know what buttons to press.


2.) How to suck new ones in. You know how when you’re a kid, if you were EVER told you couldn’t do something – you instantly had to go and do it? Well, that doesn’t go away for adults, men and women alike.

So when a girl knows she “can’t” have you because other girls do, she’ll be trying even harder to win your affections. Now, it used to be that men would be married, so it was much more taboo. These days with Tinder, it’s normal to date multiple people, but, that hardwired instinct to want what she can’t have WORKS.

This means when you already have girls, new ones are easier to come by.

Much like how once you have some money, it’s easier to make MORE money.

Best of all?

All of this can be learned, implemented, and already paying dividends within a month if you follow the techniques I’ve laid out in my book.

Details here:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

TR 111: The 5 Easiest Affiliate Programs to Join and Profit

[NOTE: The Nomad & Nerdy Show has shut down. All episodes (and future online business-related episodes) will be posted here on Troublesome Radio.]

In episode 006 of the show, Kyle talks about the 5 easiest affiliate programs to join and profit from.

What is an affiliate program? Kyle tells his hilarious story of how he was first introduced to it, how he thought he was going to be filthy rich, and how it really ended up.

In addition, you’ll learn some basic ins and outs of the Amazon affiliate program, other portals, and finally, how to get started with basic affiliate marketing so YOU can make a profit online, too!

Mentioned in this show:

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Session #003 – Conversion Tracking


Commission Junction



Pretty Link

Why Santa needs to break up with Mrs. Claus

Hey hey hey hoe hoe hoe…

So in my family, the *big* Asian Christmas celebration is on Christmas Eve.

And this year, it was at my parent’s house for the first time in twenty years. And, we actually saw Santa Claus come sliding down our chimney in the middle of the night.

He joined in on the conversation – the big joke of the night was how old I’m getting now that I’m 26; closer to 30 than 20. Santa mentioned that he’s just getting older and older, and asked if I had any recommendations for being more “youthful” in his older age.

My advice to him?

Date younger women.


Yup, that’s right.

I told him to dump that cookie-munching, wraggly skinned grandma Mrs. Claus and upgrade to a newer model.

All that incessant nagging is not good for his soul.

Needless to say, my family was shocked and so was Santa himself.

Will he heed my advice? I’ll find out when he slides down that chimney in 2018.

Do you want to know what I told him?

Here are the 5 pieces of advice I gave to Mr. Claus so he could be younger and more full of life for years to come:

#1: Work on his style

The old red suit is tried and played out.

Sure, custom suits are great and all, but sometimes you got to vary it up.

Plus, while girls don’t mind sharing a high-value man, they don’t want everyone to know they’re sharing. Santa can’t be seen out and about in the North Pole with multiple young hotties. Changing his styles will make this a bit more plausible.

#2: Leave America

For example, Christmas in Ukraine is on January 7th. Apparently there is a whole different Santa who manages Eastern Europe!

I told him to try to “switch shifts” next year, and leave behind the life of consume consume, consume in America.

Not having to make payments on his igloo, sled, and reindeers will surely relief some stress and make him more youthful.

(I am slightly worried he’ll have a heart attack when he sees how much slimmer and hotter foreign girls are, but it’s worth the risk).

#3: Dump that bee-yatch Mrs. Claus

I even told him he could do it over text message, or relay it via a reindeer.

Who knows, maybe he can find some new girl tonight and slide into her chimney.

Santa has been a one-woman-man his whole life, and surely dating a few new ones will re-invigorate his libido like never before. It’s like a Viagra commercial. Do you EVER see that commercial with an old dude and a hot young thing? It’s usually an old grannie well past her expiration date.

I told Santa that young girls (preferrably many) are the elixir of life.

He (and you) can learn the full ins and outs of how to date multiple young thangs. Check it out:

Anyways, that was my advice to good ‘ol Santa for 2018.

We’ll see if the divorce is finalized by the next time he visits.

Have a Merry Christmas (screw the politically-correct-police), and…

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

Daygame ain’t no thang

In the latest episode of the show, I go into details about why daygame in the USA just ain’t a thang.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Listen in to episode 38 here:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

PS: I’ve mentioned it previously, but this show will be going to a paid subscription model next year. To sign up, go here:

PSS: If you have previously clicked a link regarding this, no need to do it again. You’re already tagged!

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